American Tobacco Campus | Travis + Juliann

From Georgia to North Carolina, and having fun doing it!  Travis and Juliann were a blast to photograph during their engagement session at the American Tobacco Campus in Durham, NC.  They were in the area for a friends wedding, and like is done with most of my “out of town” clients, we made the most of their time.  And if that wasn’t enough, they multi-tasked their engagement session by doing a cake tasting halfway through!

American Tobacco Campus

A few individual images from Travis and Juliann’s engagement session, but a “lot” more are in the slideshow.
Juliann was nice enough to share their story.  Don’t you just love these!
Share with us how you two met:
Our story begins during the summer of 2000. After a long day of cheerleading camp, my sister and I decided we would go to Burger King to grab something to eat. Instead of going through the drive thru, my sister and I decided to go inside this time. Once inside, we placed our order and as we were waiting for our food, the cashier stated that the guy in the back asked if he could have your number. I immediately said no, but with some convincing from my sister I wrote my number down on a napkin and I never gave it another thought. A few days later he called, and we decided to go see a movie, Gothika to be exact. I lalso earned he had recently graduated high school, and would be going to college in Atlanta that fall. We talked often throughout the summer and I knew I had developed my first official crush! The summer went by and Travis moved, but we would email from time to time. I eventually went off to college and as we grew older we eventually lost contact. In March 30, 2009, after getting off of work I received a facebook message from none other than Travis. I was so shocked, I nearly dropped my papers that were in my hand. After getting in the house and re-reading the message again, I gave him a call…from that day on, Travis and I have never missed one single day of talking to each other and the rest is history!!!
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Tell us about your proposal:
My proposal is what I call my 5 days of Christmas. Travis and I decided to spend Christmas in NC in 2010. We decided to open our gifts early but, bring one gift with us to open on Christmas day. On December 20th he suggested we start opening gifts. So each day I opened a different gift and was amazed by what I recieved. On Christmas Eve, I received a gift card and in my excitement, I never noticed the wedding bands on the front. On Christmas day, Travis came over and I opened what I thought was my last gift. I was so overjoyed to see the purse that I had been wanting I couldn’t even imagine what was about to come next. To my surprise there was yet another gift. Travis told me “Merry Christmas” and handed me the gift. I opened the present and when I looked inside it was a very unique jewelry box. A little shocked, I looked at him and he told me that he wanted me to see the inside of the box. My family started gathering into the living room, but I thought they were just being nosey. As I begin to open it, it started to dawn on me what was happening, but I didn’t want to get my hopes up. As I opened each drawer my heart begin beating a little faster and in the very last drawer, there was the RING!! When I went to look up at him, he was already down on bending knee and of course I said yes!!
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How / why did you choose your engagement session location?
Being that Travis and I don’t live in NC, I wasn’t familiar with the area, but I knew I wanted to stay away from the Park. So I let Dajuan know what I was looking for and he provided a few suggestions and we decided on the American Tobacco District in downtown Durham. I really like the location and thought it was a great choice!
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Did you enjoy your engagement session?
Travis and I really enjoyed the session. Dajuan made us feel very comfortable and allowed us to be ourselves. He was always open to my ideas and suggestions. We had a blast at our shoot.
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Any feedback you’d like to leave for our studio (anything at all)?
Dajuan was awesome. He allowed us to try many different things and I would definitely recommend him to my friends in the “A” 😉
American Tobacco Campus | Engagement Photography (31) 

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