Bridal Portrait Session at UNC Chapel Hill: Shanda

I am very passionate about photography, professional wedding photography specifically, and the two main photography tangents that spring from it: engagement sessions and bridal sessions.  This summer I am focused solely as an wedding photographer.  Our studio space serves more so as a gallery for our art, a place where prospective clients come to see our prints first hand, and current clients come to view their images on our color accurate projected displays.  Occasionally we shoot a bridal session or engagement session in the studio, and as the summer days and their heat draw near, the indoor sessions, particularly the indoor bridal photography will likely increase.  But for now,  we are doing quite a bit of “on location” work throughout the Raleigh,  Durham and Chapel Hill areas.  And, I love it!  My clients love it too.  Read on…

For many brides, the dawning of her wedding gown invokes childhood memories and current ideals of beauty, romance, and even royalty.  As a bridal photographer, it is this emotion: the what’s happening on the inside and being displayed on the outside, that I seek to capture.  A couple months ago, I had the pleasure of photographing Shanda in advance of her wedding which took place this past week (June 5th).  Being an UNC Chapel Hill alum, Shanda chose to have her bridal portraits done on the campus, and included traditional areas such as The Old Well,  the Morehead Planetarium, and the Davie Poplar tree.  Now,  I’ve mention previously, I haven’t shared bridal portraiture much in the past because of the delay between when the bridal portraits are captured and when the bride is seen by her groom on their wedding day.  Yet with a conscious effort, I’m now sharing this part of our art with you.

By the time I was commissioned to make a portrait for Shanda’s wedding, her family had already decided on a wedding photographer.  This isn’t at all unusual, but after working with a client in advance of their wedding day, I often feel the desire to attend their wedding as a guest or family friend would.  It’s like a bond is made.  However, like most Saturdays throughout the remainder of this summer, I am fully booked and scheduled with an equally amazing bride and groom.  But wasn’t the last of it.  Shanda enjoyed her bridal session and her bridal images so much that Jonathan + Shanda also commissioned me to document a “Day After Session” for them this past Sunday!  I was super stoked to have this time with them.  It confirmed that Shanda was comfortable in front of my camera, and trusted these precious moments to me to preserve for their visual recollection and to share with their love ones.  Early on during the day after session, I inquired about their ceremony and Shanda shared her father’s reaction to seeing her in her gown just before the wedding in her bridal chamber.  He was so caught up in emotion, seeing his daughter, so beautiful, on her wedding day.  And who could blame him, Shanda is a stunning bride.  See for yourself …

If you read the post above, seeing the images that followed let you know some of what we do during our bridal portrait sessions.  But you might be wondering what a day after session is.  I may share some of Jonathan + Shanda’s images with you later, but for IHI Photography, a day after session is the newly weds first portrait session together.  The couple is fresh off the start of their marriage journey together, basking in the glow of the love they’ve just professed together.  It’s away from the rigors of the wedding day and the enjoyment their in which is rightly to be had by the couple, their family, friends and guest.  Such a session allows our clients to spend their reception time with their love ones, knowing they can meet with us “the day after” to capture the images they so desire.

Bridal Portrait Session | UNC Chapel Hill

Individual images from Shanda’s session

Bridal Portrait Session UNC Chapel Hill (1)


Bridal Portrait Session UNC Chapel Hill (2)


Bridal Portrait Session UNC Chapel Hill (3)


Bridal Portrait Session UNC Chapel Hill (4)


Bridal Portrait Session UNC Chapel Hill (5)


Bridal Portrait Session UNC Chapel Hill (6)


Bridal Portrait Session UNC Chapel Hill (7)


Bridal Portrait Session UNC Chapel Hill (8)


Bridal Portrait Session UNC Chapel Hill (9)


Bridal Portrait Session UNC Chapel Hill (10)


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