In the Studio: Giavonia

I don’t discuss studio photography often on the blog, but now that I have a dedicated wedding photography website, I can share a little more of what I do outside of wedding photography here.  OK, maybe that was a poor choice of words, because although this is outside of wedding photography, the setting is indeed inside the studios of In His Image Photography.  My style of studio photography is very much depicted in the images below.  Although photography has evolved, I am still very much pure to it’s definition.  Photography simply means writing with light.  How we utilize that light, or the absence of it, is one of the methods we can express ourselves through our work.  During this session, Giavonia agreed to let me express myself artistically and together we created a great number of amazing images.  A few of my favorite images are below, and several more are shared on the In His Image Photography facebook page.  My question for you is, are you ready for your session?

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